GENERAL TERMS OF SALE - In force has leave of May 13th, 2014 on the whole SITE (Law Hammon)

The present general terms of sale (below "General terms") apply to any purchase performed by an internaut / individual (below the "CUSTOMER") on the INTERNET SITE (below the "SITE") to

SPOTSOUND LTD, Unit 2597 - 483 Green Lanes - London - N13 4BS - United Kingdom, email: [email protected] (below the "SELLER").

Any purchase on the site draw away automatically the acceptance of the entirety of these conditions.

Any order passed on the SITE implicates acceptance inevitably unconditionally of the CUSTOMER of the present general terms of sale.

Terms used below have, in present General terms, following signification:
"CUSTOMER": indicate the cocontracting party of the SELLER, who guarantees to have consumer's quality such as defined by right and French case law. In that capacity, it is expressly envisaged that this CUSTOMER acts except any habitual or commercial activity.
"DELIVERY": indicate the first presentation of PRODUCTS ordered by the CUSTOMER at delivery pointed out during order.
"PRODUCTS": indicate all the available products on the SITE.
"TERRITORY": indicate AMERICA (Canada, US, South America)

Article 2. OBJECT
The present General terms govern sale by the SELLER to his CUSTOMERS of PRODUCTS.
The CUSTOMER is apparently informed and admits that the SITE contacts the consumers and that the professionals have to contact the commercial service of the SELLER to benefit from distinct contractual conditions.

The CUSTOMER promises to read attentively the present General terms and to accept them, before undertaking the payment of an order of PRODUCTS passed on the SITE.
The present General terms are classified at the bottom of every page of the SITE by means of a link and must be consulted before placing order. The CUSTOMER is invited to read attentively, to download, to print General terms and to keep a copy.
The SELLER recommends to the CUSTOMER to read General terms in every new order, the last version of aforementioned Conditions applying to any new order of PRODUCTS.
By clicking on the first button to place order then on second to confirm aforementioned order, the CUSTOMER admits having read, understood and accepted General terms without limitation nor condition.

To be able to buy a PRODUCT, the CUSTOMER must be old of at least 18 years and have the lawful capacity or, if he is under 18, to be capable of justifying the agreement of his lawful representatives.
The CUSTOMER will be invited to give information allowing to identify him by supplementing the available form on the SITE. Sign (*) points out the compulsory fields which must be filled so that the order of the CUSTOMER is treated by the SELLER. The CUSTOMER can prove on the SITE the status of his order. The monitoring of DELIVERIES can, if necessary, be performed by using the tools of online monitoring of some conveyors. The CUSTOMER can also contact the commercial service of the SELLER any time by courrierélectronique, at address [email protected], to get information on the status of his order.
The information which the CUSTOMER gives to the SELLER during an order must be complete, precise and up to date. The SELLER reserves the right to ask the CUSTOMER to confirm, by every possible means appropriate, his identity, his eligibility and passed on to each other information.

Article 5. ORDERS

Characteristics article 5.1 of products
The SELLER tries hard to introduce as apparently as possible the main characteristics of PRODUCTS (on the available chips of information on the SITE) and
compulsory information which the CUSTOMER must receive by virtue of applicable right (in the present General terms).
The CUSTOMER promises to read this information attentively before placing an order on the SITE.
The SELLER reserves the right to change the selection of the available PRODUCTS on
SITE, notably according to pressures linked to his suppliers.
Except opposite express indication on the SITE, all PRODUCTS sold by the SELLER are new and correspondent to European legislation in force and to applicable norms in France.

Article 5.2. Procedure of order
The orders of PRODUCTS directly passed on the SITE. To perform an order, the CUSTOMER must follow stages described below (please note however that according to the page of starting of the CUSTOMER, stages can slightly differ).

5.2.1. Selection of PRODUCTS and call options
The CUSTOMER will have to choose the PRODUCT (S) of his choice by clicking on the concerned PRODUCT (S) and by choosing characteristics and desired quantities. Once the chosen PRODUCT, the PRODUCT is put in the basket of the CUSTOMER. This last can then add to the basket so many PRODUCTS as he wishes it.

5.2.2. Orders
Once PRODUCTS were chosen and put in its basket, the CUSTOMER must click on the basket and prove that the contents of his order are correct. If the CUSTOMER has not made him yet, he will then be invited to become identified or to register.
Once the CUSTOMER will have validated the contents of the basket and once he will have become identified / registered, will be displayed for his attention an online form supplemented automatically and recapitulating price, applicable taxes and, if necessary, expenses of delivery.
The CUSTOMER is invited to prove the contents of his order (including quantity, characteristics and references of the ordered PRODUCTS, the address of invoicing, means of payment and price) before validating his contents.
The CUSTOMER can then undertake the payment of PRODUCTS following instructions appearing on the SITE and to give all information necessary for the invoicing and for the DELIVERY of PRODUCTS.
Concerning PRODUCTS for which options are available, these specific references appear when good options were chosen.
Placed orders have to understand all information necessary for the good treatment of order.
The CUSTOMER must also point out the chosen mode of delivery.

5.2.3. Acknowledgement of receipt
Once all stages described above are supplemented, a page apparait on the SITE to acknowledge receipt of the order of the CUSTOMER. A copy of the acknowledgement of receipt of order is automatically addressed to the CUSTOMER by email, provided that the electronic address announced by means of
registration form am correct.
The SELLER sends no confirmation of order by post mail or by fax.

5.2.4. Invoicing
During the procedure of order, the CUSTOMER will have to grab necessary information in
the invoicing (sign (*) will point out the compulsory fields to be filled so that the order of the CUSTOMER is treated by the SELLER).
The CUSTOMER must notably point out apparently all information relating to DELIVERY, especially precise address of DELIVERY, as well as any possible code of access at DELIVERY.
The CUSTOMER will then have to specify the means of chosen payment.
Neither the order form which the CUSTOMER establishes online, nor the acknowledgement of receipt of order which the SELLER sends to the CUSTOMER by email constitutes a bill. Whatever is the mode of order or of used payment, the CUSTOMER will receive the original of the bill to the DELIVERY of PRODUCTS, inside the package.

Article 5.3. Date of order
The date of order is the date in which the SELLER accuses online reception of order. Delays pointed out on the SITE begin running only from this date. Delays pointed out on chips produced are indicative and theoretical (no leaves, no personalization on products, no bank holidays etc). The delay making time is the delay pointed out on date considered of delivery in the thumb-index my orders of your count (to be not applicable if order except SITE or without count).

Article 5.4. Price
For all PRODUCTS, the CUSTOMER will find on the SITE of prices shown in euro all taxes included, as well as applicable expenses of delivery (according to the weight of the package, except packing and presents, of the address of DELIVERY and of the conveyor or chosen type of transport).
Prices include especially the tax on the added value (VAT) in the rate in force in the date of order. Any modification of the applicable rate can have an impact on the price of PRODUCTS as from the date of entrance in force of the new rate.
The rate of applicable VAT is expressed in percentage of the value of the sold PRODUCT. The prices of the suppliers of the SELLER are likely to be changed. Consequently,
prices pointed out on the SITE can change. They can also be changed in case of offer or of special sales.
Prices pointed out are valid, errors excepted rude. The applicable price that is pointed out on the SITE in date to which order passed by the CUSTOMER.

Article 5.5. Availability of PRODUCTS
According to the concerned PRODUCT, the SELLER applies a management of supplies «to tense flux». As a result, depending on circumstances, availability and delay pointed out of delivery of PRODUCTS depends on supplies of the SELLER as well as on the delay of manufacture (1 has 3 stages).
The SELLER promises to honour received orders provided that PRODUCTS are available.
The SELLER promises to deliver products in order of priority (« when orders arrive») by principle of first arrived, first served.
The unavailability of a PRODUCT is pointed out in principle on the page of the concerned PRODUCT. The CUSTOMERS can also be informed about the new stock of a PRODUCT by the SELLER.
In any case, if unavailability was not pointed out at the time of order, the SELLER promises to inform the CUSTOMER without delay if the PRODUCT is unavailable.
The SELLER can, at the request of the CUSTOMER:
Let be to offer to send all PRODUCTS at the same time as soon as PRODUCTS in stock shortage will be again available,
Let be to undertake a partial expedition of the available PRODUCTS at first, then an expedition besides of order when other PRODUCTS will be available, subject to a clear information concerning the additional transport charges which will be able to be hired,
Let be to offer an alternative PRODUCT of quality and of equivalent prices, accepted by the CUSTOMER.
If the CUSTOMER decides to cancel his order of unavailable PRODUCTS before their stage of manufacture (stage 1 or stage 2), he will get the refund of all sums poured for the unavailable PRODUCTS, without delay and at the latest in thirty (30) days of the payment.
By default any order is not REPAYABLE on our products of MASCOTS.
Any order passed by the CUSTOMER on products customizable is not REPAYABLE.
Expenses of files for the opening of a file of claim are bills 40 euro TTC not repayable taken automatically from the sum of refund.

Article 6. Right of retraction
The modalities of the right of retraction are envisaged in the «politics of retraction», politics available in Annex 1 of presents and accessible at the bottom of every page of the SITE via a link hypertext.

Article 7. PAYMENT

Article 7.1. Means of payment
The CUSTOMER can pay his online PRODUCTS on the SITE according to means offered by the SELLER.
The CUSTOMER guarantees to the SELLER that he keeps all permissions requested to use the means of chosen payment.
The SELLER will take all necessary measures to guarantee security and confidentiality of online transmitted data as part of the online payment on the SITE.
It is in this specified title that all information relating to the payment given on
SITE are transmitted to the bank of the SITE and not treated on the SITE.

Article 7.2. Date of payment
In case of lump sum by credit card, the count of the CLIENT will be debited from the order of PRODUCTS passed on the SITE.
In case of partial DELIVERY, sum will be debited of the count of the CLIENT at the earliest when the first package will be sent. If the CLIENT decides to cancel his order of unavailable PRODUCTS, refund will be made in accordance with the last paragraph of the article 5.5 of the present General terms.

Article 7.3. Delay or refusal of payment
If the bank refuses to debit a card or other means of payment, the CUSTOMER will have to contact the Customer service of the SELLER to pay order by quite other means of valid payment.
In the event if, for which that reason that it is, opposition, refusal or other one, the transmission of the flux of owed money by the CUSTOMER if impossible avèrerait, order will be cancelled and automatically cancelled sale.

Article 8. Proof and Archiving

Any contract concluded with the CUSTOMER corresponding to an order of the upper sum in 120 euro TTC will be archived by the SELLER during a length of ten (10) years in accordance with the article L. 134-2 of the code of consumption.
The SELLER agrees to archive this information to assure a monitoring of transactions and to produce a copy of the contract at the request of the CUSTOMER.
In case of litigation, the SELLER will have the possibility of proving that his system of electronic monitoring is reliable and that it guarantees the integrity of transaction.

Article 9. Transfer of property

The SELLER remains the owner of PRODUCTS delivered up to their complete payment by the CUSTOMER.
Dispositions above do not stand in the way of the transfer to the CUSTOMER, at the time of reception by him, or by a third party indicated by him other than the conveyor, risks of loss or of damage of PRODUCTS making the object of the reservation of property, as well as risks of damage which they will be able to draw away.

Article 10. Delivery

The modalities of DELIVERY of PRODUCTS are envisaged in the «politics of delivery» aimed in Annex 2 of presents and accessible at the bottom of every page of the SITE via a link hypertext.

Article 11. Packing

PRODUCTS will be wrapped in accordance with the norms of transport in force, to guarantee a maximum of protection for PRODUCTS during DELIVERY. The CUSTOMERS promise to respect the same norms when they turn PRODUCTS in conditions fixed in Annex 1 – Politics of retraction.

Article 12. Guarantees
Article 12.1. Guarantee of compliance
The SELLER is required to deliver a correspondent PRODUCT that is to say peculiar to the usage expected from a similar and corresponding good in the description given on the SITE. This compliance also assumes that the PRODUCT introduces the qualities for which a purchaser can rightfully wait taken into account public statements made by the SELLER, including in advertising and on labellings
On this occastion the SELLER is likely to answer existent defects of compliance during deliverance and defects of compliance resulting from the packing, from the instructions of assemblage or from the installation when this one was put in its load or accomplished under his supervision.
The action resulting from the defect of compliance is prescribed by two (2) years as from the DELIVERANCE of the PRODUCT.
In case of defect of compliance, the CUSTOMER will be able to ask for replacement or for repairing of the PRODUCT, in his choice. However, if the cost of the choice of the CUSTOMER is apparently disproportional with regard to the other possible option, considering the value of the PRODUCT or of the importance of defect, the SELLER will be able to undertake a refund, without following the option chosen by the CUSTOMER.
In hypothesis or a replacement or a repairing would be impossible, the SELLER promises to restore the price of the PRODUCT under 30 days to reception of the turned PRODUCT and in exchange for the dismissal of the PRODUCT by the CUSTOMER at the supplier (given by the SELLER at the request of the CUSTOMER).

Article 12.2. Guarantee of hidden vices
The SELLER is kept of guarantee at the rate of defects hidden from the sold PRODUCT which make him inappropriate to the usage for which he is intended, or that diminish this usage so much that the CUSTOMER would not acquired him, or would have given only a lesser price, if he had known them.
This guarantee allows the CUSTOMER who can prove the existence of a vice hidden to choose between the refund of the price of the PRODUCT if he went back and the refund of a part of his price, if the PRODUCT did not go back.
In hypothesis or a replacement or a repairing would be impossible, the SELLER promises to restore the price of the PRODUCT under 30 days to reception of the turned PRODUCT and in exchange for the dismissal of the PRODUCT by the CUSTOMER at the supplier (given by the SELLER at the request of the CUSTOMER).
Action resulting from hidden vices must be begun by the CUSTOMER within two (2) years as from the discovery of vice.

Article 13. Responsibility

The responsibility of the SELLER will be able to be hired under no circumstances in case of nonperformance or of bad contractual execution of obligations attributable to the CUSTOMER, notably during the seizure of its order.
The SELLER will not be able to be kept for representative, or consider as having failed in presents, for any delay or nonperformance, when the reason of delay or of nonperformance is linked to a case of force majeure such as it is defined by the case law of courts and French Courts.
He is moreover added that the SELLER does not control the WEBSITES which are linked directly or indirectly to the SITE. Consequently, she excludes any responsibility as the information which is published there. Links towards WEBSITES of third are given only for information only and no guarantee is given as for their contents.

Article 14. Personal data

The SELLER collects on the SITE of the personal data concerning his CUSTOMERs, including by means of cookies. The CUSTOMERS can deactivate cookies following instructions given by their navigator.
Data collected by the SELLER are used to treat orders passed on the SITE, to manage the count of the CUSTOMER, to analyse orders and, if the CUSTOMER chose this option, to send him mails of commercial canvassing, from newsletters, promotional offer and/or information on special sales, unless the CUSTOMER does not like to receive such communications any more on behalf of the SELLER.
The data of the CUSTOMER are confidentially kept by the SELLER in accordance with his statement performed to CNIL, for the good of the contract, of its execution and respecting for law.
The CUSTOMERS can any time désinscrire by achieving their count or by clicking on link hypertext envisaged with this effect down this every offer received by email.
Data can be announced, in all or part, to the contractors of the SELLER intervening in the process of order. For commercial aims, the SELLER can transfer to his business partners names and co-ordinates of his CUSTOMERS, provided that these give their prior consent during inscription on the SITE.
The SELLER will ask the CUSTOMERS specifically if they wish that their personal data are disclosed. The CUSTOMERS will be able to change the mind any time on the SITE or by contacting the SELLER.
The SELLER can also ask his CUSTOMERS if they want to receive commercial solicitations of his partners.
In accordance with law n°78-17 of January 6th, 1978 relating to computer science in files and in freedom, the CUSTOMER benefits from a right of access, of correction, of opposition (for legitimate motives) and of abolition of his personal data. He can exercise this right enadressant an email at address: [email protected]
He is added that the CUSTOMER must be able to give proof of his identity, either by scanning an identification document, or by addressing to the SELLER a photocopy of his identification document.

Article 15. Claims

The SELLER puts in the disposition of the CUSTOMER a «telephone CUSTOMER service» by limp vocal in the following number: 0970445320 (not surcharged number). That being said requests by email are treated first and foremost. Limps she her vocal when has is consulted one time a month at the farthest. The customer service can put till 72 am to re-lay at requests in order of priority.
Any written claim of the CUSTOMER will have to be transmitted by electronic mail has following address: [email protected] with the object: REC-NUMÉRO of order for a quick treatment.

Article 16. Intellectual property

All sound and visual elements of the SITE, including used subjacent technology, are protected by the copyright, the right of marks and/or of patents.
These elements are the exclusive property of the SELLER. Every person who edits a WEBSITE and wants to create a link direct hypertext towards the SITE must ask for the permission of the SELLER in writing.
This permission of the SELLER will be given under no circumstances in a final way. This link will have to be abolished at the request of the SELLER. Links hypertexts towards the SITE which use techniques such as framing (framing) or the insertion by links hypertexts (in-line linking) are strictly forbidden.

Article 17. Validity of General terms

Any modification of legislation or of regulation in force, or any decision of a disabling court of competent jurisdiction one or several clauses of the present General terms could not affect the validity of the present General terms. Such modification or decision authorises under no circumstances the CUSTOMERS to misread presents
General terms.
Any conditions not expressly treated in presents will be governed in accordance with the usage of the sector of trade to the individuals, for the societies the head office of which is in France.

Article 18. Modification of General terms

The present General terms apply to all online performed purchases on
SITE, as long as the SITE is available online.
General terms are precisely dated and will be able to be changed and updated by the SELLER any time. The applicable General terms are those in force at the time of order.
Modifications brought in General terms will not apply to the already bought PRODUCTS.

Article 19. Competence and applicable right

The present General terms as well as relations between the CUSTOMER and the SELLER are governed by French law.
In case of litigation, only the French courts will be competent.
However, prior to any appeal to the arbitration or state judge, will be favoured the negotiation in a spirit of fidelity and of good faith with a view to reaching an amicable agreement during the survenance of any conflict relating to the present contract, including concerning its validity.
The part wanting to implement the process of negotiation will have to inform about it the other part by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt by pointing out the elements of conflict. If at the end of a delay of fifteen (15) days, parts did not manage to agree, disagreement will be subjected to the competent jurisdiction indicated below.
During all process of negotiation and up to its exit, parts stop themselves from exercising any action in justice the one counters other one and for conflict object of negotiation. By exception, parts are authorised to grab the jurisdiction of summary judgments or to solicit the pronouncement of a prescription by request. A possible action in front of the jurisdiction of summary judgments or the implementation of a procedure by request draws away on behalf of parts no renunciation of the clause of amicable arrangement, safe express opposite will.

Article 20. Newsletter

The SELLER edits regular Newsletter to whom the CUSTOMER can register to be informed about new services and offer offered on the SITE. The CUSTOMER can cancel subscription any time by clicking on the link of désabonnement at the bottom of each of the newsletters.
The CUSTOMER can choose to receive offer of the partners of the SITE:
During the creation of its count;
In the management of its preferences within the rubric " My count ".
He can any time choose to cancel subscription of these services in the same rubric.

Article 21. FACEBOOK

The SELLER, offers supplementary services by using some functionality of the numerical platform FACEBOOK (below "FACEBOOK").
When the CUSTOMER consults a page of the SITE containing such plug-in, his navigator establishes a direct connection with the servers of FACEBOOK.
FACEBOOK is informed that the navigator of the CUSTOMER achieved the corresponding page of the SITE, including if the CUSTOMER does not have user count FACEBOOK, or if he is disconnected at this moment there from the count FACEBOOK.
This information is directly transmitted by the navigator of the CUSTOMER in a server of
FACEBOOK located in the United States and is recorded in this place.
If the CUSTOMER is linked to FACEBOOK during his navigation on the SITE, FACEBOOK will be able directly to link up its visit with its user count FACEBOOK. If the CUSTOMER interacts by means of plug-ins, for example by clicking on the button «I like» or by leaving a comment, corresponding information will be transmitted and will be recorded on a server of FACEBOOK. They will be published on the count FACEBOOK of the CUSTOMER.
If the CUSTOMER does not wish that FACEBOOK links up information collected through the SELLER, in its user count FACEBOOK, he must disconnect from FACEBOOK before visiting the SITE.


Payments are validated according to following modalities:
By banking bank or cashless card: the payment is validated in reception of the asked complements of information.
By third of payment: the payment is valid when the number of transaction is generated and sent confirmation.


As part of the struggle against fraud on Internet, information relating to your order makes the object of a treatment automated by data and is transmitted to a contractor for check.
This treatment automated by data has as purpose to define the level of security of a transaction and to struggle against à la carte banking fraud.
The SELLER, and the contractor whom she indicated for these checks are the addressees of data in touch with your order. If your reservation was not confirmed in the motive which she does not answer standard criteria of security defined as part of our politics of struggle against fraud, co-ordinates in touch with your order will make the object of an inscription within an incidental file.
In accordance with Computer law and Freedom of January 6th, 1978 you have, any time, a right of access, of correction, and of opposition to all data with personal character by writing, by post and by giving proof of your identity.
The SELLER, any freedom saves itself to undertake the direct cancellation of an order introducing a serious risk of fraudulent use of bank card.

Principle of retraction
The CUSTOMER has right on principle to return or to restore the PRODUCT to the SELLER or to the candidate by this last, without excessive delay, and at the latest in fourteen (14) days according to the communication of his decision to retract, unless the SELLER offers to recover himself the PRODUCT.
Delay of retraction
The delay of retraction expires fourteen (14) calendar days afterwards when the CUSTOMER, or a third other than the conveyor and indicated by the CUSTOMER, takes physically possession of the PRODUCT.
If the order of the CUSTOMER concerns several PRODUCTS and if these PRODUCTS are separately delivered, the delay of retraction expires fourteen (14) days afterwards when the CUSTOMER, or a third other than the conveyor and indicated by the CUSTOMER, takes physically possession of the last PRODUCT.
Notification of the right of retraction
To exercise his right of retraction, the CUSTOMER must notify his decision to retract of the present contract by means of a statement lacking in ambiguity in [email protected]
He can also use the form below to be sent by electronic mail:
For the attention of [*] (*Coordonnées of) Telephone number of VENDEUR*:
Number of fax of VENDEUR*:
Address of email of VENDEUR*:
I notify you by present my retraction of the contract concerning the sale of the PRODUCT
Reference of the PRODUCT N ° of the bill:
N ° of the order form:
- Ordered [] / received []
- Means of used payment:
- Name of the CUSTOMER and if necessary of the beneficiary of order:
- Address of the CUSTOMER:
- Address of delivery:
- Signature of the CUSTOMER (except case of transmission by electronic mail)
- Date
So that the delay of retraction is respected, the CUSTOMER must transmit his communication relating to exercise of the right of retraction before the expiry of the deadline of retraction.
Effects of retraction
In case of retraction on behalf of the CUSTOMER, the SELLER promises to reimburse the totality of poured sums, including expenses of delivery without excessive delay and, in any case, at the latest fourteen (14) days as from the day when the SELLER is informed about the will of the CUSTOMER to retract.
The SELLER will undertake refund by using the same means of payment as the one that the CUSTOMER will have used for initial transaction, unless the CUSTOMER admits this refund expressly of a different means, in any case, will not cause expenses for the CUSTOMER.
The SELLER can postpone refund up to reception of the good or until
CUSTOMER gives a proof of expedition of the good, the discreet date being that of the first of these facts.
Modalities back
The CUSTOMER will owe, without excessive delay and, in any case, at the latest fourteen (14) days after communication of his decision to retract of the present contract, to return the good has the address of the supplier (given by the SELLER at the request of the CUSTOMER).
This delay is reputed respectable if the CUSTOMER returns long before the expiry of the deadline of fourteen days.
Freshly back
The CUSTOMER will have to take care of direct expenses of dismissal of the good.
State of the turned good
The PRODUCT must have gone back according to left luggage offices of the SELLER and include notably all delivered accessories.
The responsibility of the CUSTOMER is hired only regarding the depreciation of the good resulting from manipulations others than those essentials to establish nature, characteristics and good functioning of this PRODUCT. In other words, the CUSTOMER has the possibility of testing the PRODUCT but his responsibility will be able to be hired if he undertakes manipulations others than those who are necessary.
PRODUCTS are wrapped in accordance with the norms of transport in force, to guarantee a maximum of protection for PRODUCTS during DELIVERY. The CUSTOMERS have to respect the same norms when they turn PRODUCTS. To this title the CUSTOMER is invited to turn the PRODUCT not being suitable for it in his packing of origin and undamaged, peculiar to his recommercialisation.
Exclusions from the right of retraction
The right of retraction is excluded in following hypotheses:
Supply of property or of services on which price depends on fluctuation on the financial market
Supply of property made according to the specifications of the CUSTOMER or customised
Supply of property likely to deteriorate or to lapse fast Supply of audio or video or software recording sealed which was unsealed after delivery
Newspaper, periodical, magazine (except contract of subscription)
Service of accommodation others than for residential aims, of transport of property, of car hire, of restoration or of services linked to activities of leisures if offer envisages a date or a period of execution specific Supply of property which by their nature is blended in an inseparable way in other articles
Supplies of sealed property that cannot be returned for reasons of protection of health or of hygiene and which were unsealed by the CUSTOMER after DELIVERY
the supply of alcoholic beverages price of which was admitted at the time of the conclusion of the bill of sale, delivery of which can be performed only after 30 days and on that real value depends on fluctuation on the market avoiding the control of the SELLER
Supply of unbodied not given numerical contents if execution began with the express prior agreement of the consumer, who also admitted that he will lose so his right of retraction
contracts concluded during a public bidding


Zone of delivery
The offered PRODUCTS can be delivered only on the TERRITORY.
It is impossible to place an order for any address of delivery located outside this TERRITORY.
PRODUCTS are sent in (in) the address (es) of delivery which the CUSTOMER will have pointed out (s) in the course of the process of order.
Delay of expedition
Delays to prepare an order then to establish the bill, before expedition of PRODUCTS in supply are mentioned on the SITE. These delays agree except weekends or bank holidays.
An electronic message will be automatically sent to the CUSTOMER at the time of the expedition of PRODUCTS, provided that electronic address appearing in the registration form is correct.
Delays and Expenses of delivery
In the course of the process of order, The SELLER points out to the CUSTOMER delays and possible expressions of expedition for the bought PRODUCTS.
The costs of expedition are calculated according to the mode of delivery. The sum of these costs will be owed by the CUSTOMER on top of the price of the bought PRODUCTS.
The detail of delays and expenses of delivery is detailed on the SITE (in the part «choice of the conveyor» during order). Delays pointed out on chips produced are indicative and no lawful value. Thank you for contacting us for more information.
The delays of personalization are not taken into account during orders.
Redundant mail expenses (customs charges, kept to customhouses, expenses of file) will be lead have the load of the CUSTOMER. The SELLER reserves the right to withdraw these redundant expenses to the CUSTOMER during the partial or complete refund of orders.
Modalities of DELIVERY
The package will be delayed to the CUSTOMER against signature and on production of an identification document. In case of absence, a calling card will be left to the CUSTOMER, to allow him to go to search its package in its post office.
Problems of DELIVERY
The CUSTOMER is informed about the date of fixed delivery at the time when he chooses the conveyor, at the end of the procedure of online order, before confirming order.
He is added that deliveries will be performed under thirty (30) days maximum. In extremis, the CUSTOMER must require the SELLER to deliver for the reasonable delay and in case of not delivery for this delay, he will be able to cancel the contract.
The SELLER will reimburse, without excessive delay as from the reception of the letter of termination, to the CUSTOMER the sum paid for PRODUCTS, taxes and expenses of delivery including by means of the same method of payment as that used by the CUSTOMER to buy PRODUCTS.
The SELLER is responsible up to the delivery of the PRODUCT to the CUSTOMER. One reminds of him that the CUSTOMER has a delay of three (3) days to notify to the conveyor damage or partial losses determined during delivery.
The CUSTOMER accepts unconditionally that these orders are delivered and from abroad (EUROPE, AMERICA and ASIA) directly by the supplier without prior indication on the chip produced or notification outside (email or phone call for example).
Redundant mail expenses (customs charges, kept to customhouses, expenses of file) will be lead have the load of the CUSTOMER. The SELLER reserves the right to withdraw these redundant expenses to the CUSTOMER during the partial or complete refund of orders.


The present products on the site of foreign manufacture and plants in Asia. So, thank you for seeing the Annex 2 concerning delivery.


Any order passed via DOM or the FOREIGNER or has any place other than on the TERRITORY will be considered as validated, not exchangeable, nor repayable by the SELLER.


Any order passed via SITES said about MARKETPLACE (FNAC, EBAY, CDISCOUNT, AMAZON, PRICEMININISTER etc) will be considered as validated, not exchangeable, nor repayable by the SELLER. The linked support has these said orders will have to be performed on our INTERNET SITE or the domains nor by telephone but outright by the direct support set up by this MARKETPLACE.


Photos on the introducing site our articles are not CONTRACTUAL. The received mascots can change photos. The CUSTOMER accepts this Annex in the same capacity as other annexes of CGV for any order passed via the Internet site. Them PACK-SADDLE are also not include and from now on paying (150 euro / PACK-SADDLE).